Monday Blues

Originally posted on 6th Dec


The days get longer and more busy, somehow, except Mondays. The post weekend flurry of events blur down to a stop when Monday rolls around. Being caretakers in a large compound, it’s the little things that you have to constantly keep intact that drive me sorta to irritation. Beginning with the small gate that has to be always locked and unlocked countless times for different individuals or even ourselves to enter and exit, then to the erratic weather that forces one to run in and out of the house thing and untying dogs and covering the rabbit cage and then taking in the clothes if there’s rain and then bringing them out to sun. It can sort of drive you to insanity. I guess this makes time pass so slowly and painfully. I really miss being able to write essays, long essays and think and analyse. I’m naturally an activity and event oriented person so putting me in a place where there’s just about nothing concrete to do except repetitive chores can drive me crazy. Thankfully I found a stack of TIME magazines and I have two story books to keep my company and having recently stocked up on food supplies I should be slightly better off than the weekend. While I like the silence, I can’t deny that I need noise and human interaction to work and function. Really looking forward to the trip now, even though it’s only four days long (or short).
Yesterday I sort of unintentionally got into a doctrinal/logical squabble with some of the sisters concerning the pertinent issues discussed at Sabbath sermon. I think by now it’s obvious to anyone who’s discerning enough that I’m subtly questioning a lot of what’s going on around here. I don’t agree with a lot because I don’t see the logic to it. And I learnt the many interpretations and perspectives so it seems I can’t appreciate just one angle or perspective because there’s so much more broad depth to appreciate than just that. In that sense I’m constrained by the end all be all of things. I guess for now, keeping things like that to myself would have to do. I do not wish to confront higher power and I rather be allowed to just go get my job and continue my life. Sometimes I just request to be left alone in my views and not shut down. Everyone has a right to an opinion and speech and who’s to say what’s wrong. We have the Bible but I see it differently and I rather keep it that way.
In concluding the post I’d introduce a little (well not so little in terms of size) friend to you all. His name is Amen, affectionately known as MenMen (pronounced man-man), this golden retriever adorable but sometimes too fluffy ball. He’s still mourning the death of his wife, Mamre, from last week.

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