Nine Things Nice Guys Do

1. He supports your ambitions, dreams, aspirations.
He always tells you to make time for the things you want most even when you fear it’s intrusive on YOUR shared time. He’s willing to sacrifice the distance and perhaps lesser communication time if it means you get to achieve your dreams. He encourages you when you’re down and celebrates with you when you get a step closer to your  goals. He finds out details for you that would help you forward with the internship, job, paper etc that you’re working on.

2. He listens.
And understands that sometimes girls don’t really want advice or a retort or an answer. We want a listening ear. That’s enough.

3. He follows you to try out things that are new for him though it isn’t in his interests, and introduces you to his.
My ex sent me all the way to the stadium to catch a football (soccer) game though he doesn’t watch football. Nice guys will go research on the stuff you like so next time you’re spazzed over something they gave absolutely no idea about, at least they can share your joy (they try to at least). They also share their interests with you. They teach you the basic logic behind the philosophy paper they are working on, or the next music piece they’re writing, or how to start making a paracord bracelet or take good sunset photos and then maybe sometimes (somehow) you start picking up these interests and you actually like it. 
4. Nice guys will be nice to your parents.
They will wanna meet your parents, even though they’re scared. They will say hi and be bashful about it (which is really adorable). ‘Cause that’s just polite and something socially acceptable and good to do. They’ll also talk you sensible when you complain about the countless fights you have with your mom. And dad. 
5. They will understand when you are on THOSE days, yes girls those days.
They will buy you your favorite sushi, pizza and give you a nice neck massage even though they’re damn moody themselves. They will pick your homework from class and send it to your house even though it’s extra inconvenience for them. Just ’cause they can.
6. They respect you and want you to respect yourself.
They won’t use names on you and discourage you from using it on yourself because they value you and want you to value yourself too. 
7. They do all the little things to try and improve themselves.
Not just for you. But because being with you has made them realise they could be better human beings so they strive to make themselves better for themselves firstly and for you too. They can do this by improving their dressing, their punctuality, handwriting, etc etc. 
8. They are nice not just to you but to others as well.
This includes service staff, friends, teachers, anyone they meet in public. They aren’t nice to you to impress you. They’re actually nice because they believe that everyone should be respected regardless of their race, occupation etc etc 
9. They will not shame you or post hurtful things about you on social media even after you stop dating.
They respect you enough as a person even though they may have disliked they relationship in any way. They don’t like talking about what happened but they don’t air the details of the relationship all over their tweets and blogsites. If they do tell their close friends (everyone does), it doesn’t spread.

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