Prom 2014

Prom 2014 was a whole bucket load of fun, a decent emcee, good games, and the right people were all there. At first glance it was bad because I thought that my friends from class weren’t there so it would be a lonely night. Turns out that my table and the adjacent tables were all filled with my friends so I didn’t have to worry about that. Secondly I think almost everyone dressed sharply and well, with the exception of some colour mismatches and too much cleavage shown (but who am I to judge), most of my friends dressed real well. The guys in my class looked pretty decent, Nakki and Ray especially.
I had quite a bit of fun going all girly that night with hair and make up done and dress and wedged heels. It was rare to go for a social event like this and dress up and all so it was sorta fun. I felt confident I guess, for the first time in forever, and gotta thank my fairy godmothers for making this possible. Also it was fun taking really many photos and reuniting with some old friends while chilling with the ones that counted. I think the results of the Prom King was pretty good, with Hemant as prom king. #barkerproblems because I heard many ACBarker boys won prom king in their respective schools.
Overall it was fun because of the right people I think, and on second thought I’m glad I didn’t miss anyone I would’ve originally missed or thought I missed.

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