Seven Things You Learn From Dating An Introvert

1. He notices the little details
He notices everything, but doesn’t say anything. He sees when you cut your hair, when you change your lipstick shade, when your fringe is slightly off balance, when your clothes theme changes from bright to dark. He sees and reads into tweets and captions and doesn’t say much unless he’s worried that you’re not alright.
2. He attempts to make friends with your friends.
He’s not one for active socializing but will make efforts to ask you about your friends and talk to them when he can. He is interested in your groups (many of them) and organizations you find joy in. He’s happy they make you happy.
3. He tries to be a problem solver because that makes him happy.
Solving your little problems or big ones, no matter how little or how large, makes him feel that your life is slightly easier and it enables him to feel that he’s actively doing something for you. He tries to do it without you noticing and when you do notice it he blushes
4. He introduces you to his interests especially his playlist.
Music speaks a lot about a person and an introverts life is much spoken of through his music, no matter how dark, how much dubstep he’s listening to, when he’s with you he shares it with you. And trusts you won’t judge him about it. And secretly hopes you’ll like it somehow
5. He likes quiet dates.
You both go out and not talk in comfortable silence. That’s his paradise.
6. He’s thinking while you’re talking.
It’s not that he’s not listening, he just compartmentalizes what you say for a later use and you’ll be surprised and what he remembers about you like the exact colour of that specific flower you randomly mentioned when you passed by the florist, or the name of your first dog which passed away. He’s thinking of a way to make you happy and will probably keep thinking while you move on from topic to topic and wondering why your eyes are so blue or why you like pineapples.
7. You learn to just be there for him and that that is enough.
He doesn’t require dramatic celebrations on his birthday, or surprises, just you and him in a quiet dinner setting. Time together with you, quiet time, is your greatest gift to him.
Above all, your acceptance of him is the best thing he could ever ask for. The fact is that it could’ve been harder to date him because he was introverted, he didn’t tell you he liked you, probably could’ve been the one asked by you to go steady, was awkward half the time before he got comfortable with you, was too afraid to talk to you and went through your friends, didn’t know what to say at a social setting, but for all these, you accepted him and loved him and this little thing made him love you very much.

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