Reflections midweek

I just witnessed the inauguration ceremony for my school’s class leaders and I have to say, I am touched by it. I am touched by the amount of school spirit that this school brings to one and all. It may not be very much reflected in the students themselves but i see the efforts the school takes and I really am jealous of the students that they can enjoy such an environment. I really wished I was brought up in such an environment where school pride and spirit and care for your fellows was emphasised. They went all the way to take a leaders pledge which shows how much leadership is valued and upheld in the school. I feel impressed and very happy that somehow students in this school have so many opportunities for them to excel. I really wished I had such experiences in my schooling life, sigh. In a sense, it really starts from the top. I understood what the principal said when she mentioned that quote from Douglas McArthur. I feel like this is a school that excels in the little things thus translating into them excelling in the larger aspects. I see programmes that help build the relationships between teachers and their form class and I feel wow these students are so privileged. Furthermore even the teachers are well taken care of, like honestly I’ve been really touched by how much effort they put into training their teachers personally, internally. It speaks a lot of how much the school is willing to go for their members. I could not have thanked God for a better school to be placed in because I feel like I learnt much in three weeks here. I am thankful for all that.


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