South Park thoughts

Thinking and watching South Park made me reflect on the happenings in the real world. I considered that many of the things shown in the series are actually things – feelings, thoughts and actions – that are felt by the present day gen Y and many adults too. Issues such as racism, equality, betrayal and such like were explored complrehensively through the use of cartoons – that are seemingly targetted at younger and more influenceable age groups.

I felt that the nature of the series and its contents are blatant in a painfully true way. There are many themes explored throughout the episodes and many involve the painful lessons of life which we adults do not want to talk about in daily life because it is taboo in a way or too painful (which we evade with euphemistic words, and branding the people who bring up such topics as intense). It is painful because it explores the truth of the human nature – that it is depraved in the basest of ways and that it will manifest the hate to others in the most blatant ways possible. Cartman and friends portray seemingly innocent children who view the world in their simplistic ways but actually therein is the depths of the gruesomeness of human kind. They play each other out, call each other out on race issues, bully the weaker ones (Butters) and live a smug lifestyle because some people just have it all (Cartman). These are actions and thoughts that adults can hide because they are better at hiding it, but children will speak and show eveyrthing and anything and that’s why I feel the series is so powerful. It is morally quite offensive given its themes and in a sense, it does its job very well, down to insulting other TV shows aka Family Guy.


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