Orientation Week

Orientation Week

University rolled around faster than I could ever imagine. 8 months of summer holidays have come and gone. I can’t believe I worked for all 8 months. In a way I regret it because there could have been so much more that could have been done, experienced, seen and felt. 

O Week came and went. First was the insanity that was CORS bidding. It was a jumble of numbers and choices. I realised that back then when we were younger and had less choices to make, we always complained that we never had the chance to choose what we wanted to choose. Now when we basically get to plan our entire timetable in a way we are lost. CORS bidding is like a picture of life. You are given a quota of resources, everyone starts from the same playing field – birth. and then as you grow up some people learn to save these resources for the rainy days – aka carrying your earlier year credits for next semesters. Others lose it all in the first round of competition but they feel it is worth it for what they get. In a way, CORS bidding makes me also feel the pressure that is the education society. I guess after a year of being out of it into the working world, and now going back to it, I do feel a vague but undeniable sense of relief because the adult life hurts more, and student life also means cheaper transport so yes. 


Then O Week rolled around and I gotta say it was beyond my expectations. I entered not really wanting to go, feeling lethargic and not in the mood to make friends, and it could not have started more badly as the O Comm decided to squeeze all the sponsor talks into one morning and early afternoon. So we spent the first entire day (nearly) hearing talks. But that’s okay. That was fine by me. Thereafter came games and it was fun. (too bad I had to leave at night when they had night walks etc)

Day Two – it was Flag Day. I think I began to open up more to my group and appreciate the dynamics and the way the councillors and OGLs worked to bring the hype up. We had quite a chill and good flag day with some occasional insults thrown at us but that’s life. Chilled, lunch and then afterward was water games. This was fun and I believe the hype had already started to grow. For me these three days were all I could manage to go for so I did my best to make the most of it.

Third day passed by much too fast for me to handle. It was sun and water and the best possible time I could have this whole month. 

I believe I owe the House ICs a huge ass thank you because nothing of this would have been possible without their vision and spirit. I for one am a very competitive person but for me spirit and bonding beats winning anytime. These house ICs in 3 days convinced me why S house was what it was. When they broke down and cried after the end of day 3, I was touched and I wanted more and more each day since the end of day 1 to be part of this S house family that would bring the freshies next year the same opportunities and spirit that was passed on to us this year. Gotta say, I was also quite impressed by the Arts Camp S house IC and Vice IC who I saw leading and being an integral part of AOW though the former was not in any official capacity. 


Going back for College Day was another highlight of the week. Besides the endless stream of photos taken, it was another chance to meet up with my lovely Literature teacher and friend, Ms Nat and to find my other juniors and of course, it goes without saying, the bestie. During College Day, they invited a speaker, Mr Raj Kumar who was an alumni of the College to be the Guest of Honor. I was impressed and inspired after hearing him. I felt he was not a larger than life figure, as he retained, didn’t go to University, etc, hence taking the road less travelled. Yet he followed his dreams and passion, and was willing to take risks if it meant he could do what he loved to do. It wasn’t about the celebrities in the sporting world that he interviewed that made him special but I felt it was the desire to keep improving himself, never letting people put him down despite what he might ‘lack’. I thought that’s something NOT Singaporean at all. It was an honour to hear him speak and know more about his life story. 

Overall it was a great week and I do look forward in a way to the start of class. 


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