First week of class

First real week of class and it is near insanity. Besides getting lost, which seems to be more or less a feature of my trips to LTs daily, there is also the perpetual hunger pangs that never seem to let me go. Then who can discount the traveling and also the mental strain it puts on an otherwise unused brain since December till now. 

Guess it’s back to the grind, somehow or rather I appreciate it, I like that my brain is finally used once again. I hate the travel but I know I will eventually get used to it. There’s also the issue of too many people on campus. There are just too many people, all the time. There seems to be no silence and privacy but that is school, remember? I suppose these takes getting used to. 

Oh I forgot, exorbitant textbook pricing. I die daily this week, metaphorically of course, but my wallet dies literally, with the cost of per mod reaching 60-80 bucks? 

It’s plain terrifying this whole university bollocks.

One more thing, there was some student life fair too – I joined canoeing and ODAC just for kicks. I hope my body can take it though I think my brain will cope along the way? I need to stop getting sick eat properly (which costs money too) and then sleep when I get the chance to. One sem of SU and I hope to max it out in the best possible way!


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