Vague Insanity // Week 2

Officially week two has now come to an end. Almost, at least.

Just some random reflections on the week, in no order of sequence.

It’s been a crazy week, then again every week is crazy. Started on new adventures, and it ended with a rollercoaster that I did not see coming.

Vision Tea, mom in hospital, Canoeing, etc and more.

I feel like if there is one thing that Uni life is doing to me, it’s jading me. I seem to lose touch with sanity and humanity thanks to the constant travelling in the heat, attempting to make it on time for classes, excess caffeine and late nights up. Most people ask why am I reading so much in week 2, I don’t see why I should not be, plus I actually like what I’m doing so why not.

This week, emotionally there was much turmoil inside as many things happened of which some thoughts had to be really bridled through. I felt that somehow I seemed to have begun on a downward spiral of losing who I was. I am tired already, not shown outwardly I suppose because that is how I am, but I feel it, and I can tell that I may not last at this rate through the next 8 weeks especially when tuts start.

On Thursday, it began with mom collapsing at my door. In those next 12-14 hours I think I really felt the grace of God immensely on hindsight. and I felt truly what it was to have family. I must say I am very blessed that in the madness of the world I have people I can call family. From aunt Julia rallying to drive mum to KTPH at 6am in the morning, to aunt Clauds looking after her all day while I was in school to aunt Jew and so many others visiting her and catering to her needs, I sense love. I am indebted. To me personally, I experienced an undying stream of text messages, whatsapps, telegrams(haha) asking how was mom, how I was, if I needed sleep, food, water, whatever. I really am thankful. The people who are there for you in the hardest of times proved their worth to me, proved that they were what you called family. I cannot say much more except to be thankful to God for such provisions.

Some little achievements this week included surviving a canoe which I hadn’t tried before and I heard that I was given an intermediate boat so yay for me. and I did a pullup successfully so that’s another yay.

Welcome Tea was amazing, it was a privilege and such an honour to play the role I did.

This week I had several conversations with people, some lasted up till 3-4am (which by now is kinda normal for me) and it has proved to be of much food for thought as well.

It wasn’t smooth sailing but God was in the details. and I praise Him evermore for that because His grace is enough for me.


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