Quitting Canoeing // Week 3.5

Quitting Canoeing // Week 3.5

It was a difficult decision to make to start with, then it was even harder to leave. But leave I did and I had many reasons for it. It was never about the CCA being too much of commitments. It was just that there were other priorities like family and grades. I have never been in a position where my grades suffer because I have been forced to (when I was younger) and learnt to (as I grew up) to listen to advice. 

It was tough leaving because I was growing attached day by day to the team, people’s dynamics were felt but more importantly it was the team spirit that attracted me so much. I suppose there are a lot of things that can be experienced and accomplished even when people do not join teams but I believe strongly in team work. I was also touched because while nearly every CCA only took experienced people, this CCA was willing to train us from scratch. 

As such, the decision was over the course of a few good days, I felt it was more of a face saving thing for me. I wanted to not leave because I knew people around me knew what I was into already so it wasn’t okay to leave, now that’s bull crap and I know that. 

Anyway I made the final decision in the shower (don’t we all) and I believe that was for the best. I pray that God be pleased with my decisions as He influences the course of all things in my life, and that my next steps be guided by Him alone. 

I still think I’ll miss what could have been.


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