Roller Coaster // Week 5

Roller Coaster // Week 5

It’s never been more of a roller coaster day than today. I guess after so many things going wrong for me all the time I’ve forgotten how to feel when things actually go right.

Tomorrow’s polling day and then it’s a holiday because we don’t vote LOL and then there’s technically a break for us but for me it’s work and more work.

Two amazing things happened this week. Many good things happened but two were significant.

In both cases I prepped myself for the worse case scenario. I prepped for the tears that would fall, only to be seen by the pillow and no one else, I prepped for the feeling where your heart drops so low you can’t retrieve it. 

But in both cases it didn’t come. It went okay. It maintained where I hoped it would be.

This week I also came to terms with feels I cannot express in words. ‘Twas a good experience and a very heart warming and fulfilling one. 

I watched Inside Out last week and boy oh boy I really acquiesced with it in many ways. I thought it was a really well thought through film both in terms of technicalities (like how they use the terms of subconscious and Long Term Memory etc) which are real (vs possible fictitious terms) and also in terms of storyline.

I thought it was a well thought out film because it felt like meta cognition. Thinking about thinking. And with thinking that connoted emotions and emotional state of mind of many individuals. The characters were extremely well casted and their dynamics pretty accurate and insightful.

Overall it was a good experience.


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