Untitled –

I just went through an emotional ordeal of a story that started in my head but maybe never really started in real life.
I’m glad you told me what you told me because it put a lot of things in perspective.
You told me what and how you felt and while that felt like bullets, we all gotta bite the bullet in life don’t we?
It felt painful but needful.
I suppose I really appreciated it and I see what I don’t have as a person.
I’m thankful it was you and not anyone else.
I can’t say I’m okay neither can I say I will be in the end because I don’t know if I will be.
But I know He will be there for me.
Maybe my life doesn’t show it because I don’t really trust in Him.
That’s a prayer request for the week and for the months ahead.
I hope you know I was absolutely sincere.
Thank you for being you
And I’ll never forget what you said: ‘you’re beautiful not in your toughness but in your vulnerability’
You are an amazing person inside and out.


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