Monday bus ride home

Monday bus ride home

Saw this incident on the bus today and it made me feel extremely uncomfortable, this old uncle took photos of an NS dude sitting in a crowded bus and asked him repeatedly why he wasn’t shy sitting down. I have no idea what’s wrong with NS guys sitting on public transport. There wasn’t anyone around him that needed the seat badly (whether pregnant or elderly) and the man kept harassing this NS guy throughout the half an hour ride. I mean if there was someone who needed the seat more and the dude didn’t stand them maybe the uncle’s accusations could’ve been justified but there was absolutely no reason for him to say such things, I felt the way he took the photo of the guy and said such things to him were very demeaning. He went on saying he’s gonna post the photo on Facebook and show everybody what’s this NS man doing and how if there is a war we are going to be in trouble because there are people like that around. Seriously? I’m just really annoyed that he should treat this NS dude in this way, I mean just cause they don the uniform and do their time in the army…their job scope does not include standing on public transport as long as they’re in uniform. C’mon give our boys a break, they work just as hard, maybe harder than us. Shouldn’t they be given a seat and maybe also some basic respect?


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