Freshman Year, Sem 1; the people

It’s week 12, and I have so much to be thankful for. Before school started, there was the camps. For the seniors who I made friends with then who became really reliable friends that I could count on when I, as a blur shit, walked into school and got lost (literally as well). To Zong Xian Brandon Lim Wei Jie thank you for being particularly helpful! To the THEP peeps (tagged below)- my source of jokes on the E White Ninjas chat , every time I meet y’all I want to die of stomachache, it was really the best camp I had in the holidays. Thank you for being such an integral part of my semester. ‪#‎THPRIDE

Literature Camp came on the heels of that and it’s kinda like a family I guess, being part of the Exco. Everyone contributes in their weird and quirky way and I really like how we are. To the seniors who sell their mods to me HAHA I really appreciate it a great deal, for all the direction, advice and comments, I cannot be more grateful. To Rennes Lee I love you hahaha here’s to more OOTDs and soft toys being strewn around the room (Y). To Michelle Lim thank you for hearing all my rants (you know what I mean) and for giving me solid advice when I had to make decisions, and for always reassuring me when I doubted myself and my abilities, you go boss!

CRU next up. Here’s to a God-loving, fun filled, open hearted and ever loving community. I am so thankful God placed you guys in my life. Coming into NUS was in a way a cultural shock for me, and I felt sorta lost and sometimes jaded but I am relieved to have you all as family. From camp where I caught on the fire to join the family (credits: Lim Boon Pin) and for all the littlest of things you guys have done for me; from the acceptance of us into the family, to the small texts like ‘how are you, haven’t seen you in a while’ to driving me home to my doorstep, giving me food, always provoking us to trust Christ even and especially when the goings got tougher, sharing heartfelt stories over BBQs and study sessions, dinners/suppers, singing together (Y), Impact meetings (so glad I came for Impact 7), then there’s ‪#‎Reps4Jesus‬ my lifting CRU Kenneth Chew Mengting Wu Joshua Soon and the rest (yes see what I did there hehehe), and last but not the least, my amazing DG Gaomin Chow Crystal Koh Phyllis Ho Rachel Oh & Erinna. You guys bring so much joy and it always feels like home.

So many things happened in one semester.

Canoeing (which I really wanted to stay on but could not), but gained Abigail Leong and a bunch of friends from it), and then ODAC!

ODAC haha well, I enjoy it with them. Zi Ran Xie Jun Hong Tan Qun Qunz Jymie Ng and more. All the ships, actually just THE ship, the fun, laughter, Ameens dinner (we need more of that), the bonds forged (and to be forged), man I am thankful for the camaraderie. There’s more to come, much more, and I hope we grow and learn as a committee together. Mabel Goh we shall continue to cope with the madness of emails hehe

Other people who have made this Sem a bunch better:
Bryan Chong Wr for a heck load of fun, laughter, concerned text messages and more, thank you :’)
Ashwath Ashwath bro please stop sleeping (actually just do it man, sleep is for the weak :P), on the brighter side, thank you for bringing me for sushi every time I had sushi cravings which is like every other day HAHAHA. I owe you man.  Ashraf Omar HTHTs are always appreciated and I am always here for you okay!Felicia Chiuh for our calls that occasionally last more than an hour and a half, I miss you VERY much my dear.
Ms Natasha Alvar for always being there to hear me out, mark my essay, discuss Lit with me, and reassure me to follow my passions and chase those dreams.
The crazy funny EU1101E team. Thank you for making me laugh, best project group I’ve had Chia Jia En Gladys Wong Geoff Wong Jun Jie
RuoNing Tan the little production cutiepie who never answers her phone, for those hugs here and there and the short but quality time spent, thanks (: Charmaine Yeo my fairygodmother, one of the best friends ever, and a sister for life
Hakim Harsono BAEEE how much more can I say, you just get me and you’re extremely supportive even when I’m down, so so down, you have that uncanny ability to….throw pretzels at me what the heck, but yes, Love you to the max.

TO MY MOM lastly: please get well soon, I love you very much


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