Why am I so hardcore

Why am I so hardcore


People keep asking me that. Why am I so hardcore? Why the hell do I put so much effort into what I do, what I am such a workaholic, why do I put in so much time and energy into everything.

I have an answer to this. I believe that everything we do in life, we give our best for God. I think that is my reason first and foremost. And the satisfaction to ourselves comes after.

Secondly, I think that personally, everything that I do I want to give my best because I think that whatever task a person starts to do, if they don’t give their best, what’s the point of doing it? Every time we start on a project, on a piece of work, on a venture, it is a commitment that we put, no matter how small it may be. What’s the point of starting something I don’t finish it, then I would have wasted my time and effort.

Thirdly I am so ‘hardcore’ because I like to prove to myself that hard work pays off. I think for me, a really good feeling is when you can see tangible evidence that your hard work pays off, eg, when you can lift those plates (heh). So yeah, whether in grades or otherwise, I tend to be a pretty literal person meaning I need to see results and thus you can say I give my best to see those results.

But lastly, I attribute it to passion. I believe in what I do, and I believe that the way I do things shows the way I live my life, which is to exude spirit in those that are around me, and I guess I do it by action. But there is no doubt, I really feel what I do, because in academics, I think what’s beautiful is when you can see what you study pan out in daily life, and even if it is not the case always, for eg, in Literature, I think we appreciate the beauty of language being played with such that solid and complicated ideas can be expressed in varied ways. And in gym, I think that powerlifting allows for an expression of that passion, that determination and fight seen when one struggles against the weight of the bar and yet lifts it. I feel that if we are passionate about what we do, then life also pans out in the way we would like it to because our attitudes tend to shape our actions, and that means that if I go into a task with an attitude that I am gonna die, this shit is sucky, then it probably will. But if I hype myself up, sometimes I end up really liking it. (plus I actually do too).

I guess at the end of the day, I was perhaps one of those fortunate ones where they said, follow your dreams, because in society I admit it is hard to find ways to follow your dreams especially if society does not have a place for your specific dreams. There are two options in this case, I suppose, which is create the niche for it (which is easier said than done) and or forgo it for other people’s dreams.

All in all, I really think finding your niche takes time too and maybe we’re still young and we can work on the foundations for those dreams of ours, maybe one day they’ll come true.


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