How it feels to be insecure

Insecurity can figuratively drive a person mad.
Insecurity feels like you don’t belong
It makes you question your hair
Your face
Your jawline
Your breasts (or the lack of)
Your legs
Your eyes, even after you’ve attempted at eyeliner
It makes you feel like you’re sticking out like a sore thumb in a world where everyone looks so good, effortlessly

Insecurity makes you question your self worth
It makes you ask why am I not enough
Why does he have it all
Abercrombie smiles
It makes you go wonder how people can look and feel so good and you’re just standing here

Insecurity makes you feel that effort is worthless
You go to such great extent to make yourself like that chic or that dude
And meanwhile you hear people say
Be Yourself
But I am myself, you say
And I hate myself
I have nothing they have
It makes you wonder why you even try

Insecurity makes you feel scared
You think people notice
The little details you’re scared of
You don’t wanna be noticed and
Yet you wanna be noticed
You don’t even know what you want anymore
All you see are their perfection-in-a-frame Instagram shots

How does it feel to be perfect? I’ll never know


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