ODAC // Week 13

ODAC // Week 13


I never stopped to think about this, but I thought I should. It’s been a while since any decision I’ve made paid off so handsomely, especially in terms of things out of the academic zone. I made a choice to join ODAC, to be honest, at this point I still don’t know why, but I did, and the emotional reward has been nothing short of awesome. I thought about it, and wondered why I would be able to connect to them so well. It’s really cool, like I actually enjoy being with them and my fears about fitting in and stuff were really quite unfounded. Contrary to popular belief, despite me being all gung-ho and stuff, my fears were real about the inability to fit in, and the fact that I might not be able to understand the way they worked, and so many other considerations. But on an emotional level alone (judging from there because I have not started planning events just been doing a lot of admin), it has been good. The workload has been steady but very manageable and I have had a lot of support and even I feel not an obligation, but a certain willingness to help out where I can. Above all, I think the community is welcoming and allows me to be myself. Of course, I get all the nonsense from them too, but this is part of the journey which I will treasure and learn from. I suppose at this point in the semester I just stop and thank God for good friends, a good environment and more. There are many things to be thankful for, and this is one.


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