10 things about girls who lift

1. “You lift? You don’t look like you do!/You want to look like a man is it?” 

We get questions like this, all the damn time. Yes it’s terribly annoying, especially when added on with the judgmental look thrown at us and the ‘top to toe glance’ at the end of the question. Yes, that’s clearly because the picture you have in your head of weightlifters are Arnold Schwarzenegger and the like. Furthermore, women who lift, they look strong, fit, not huge (unless that’s the training goal), and we don’t have the testosterone levels to hit extremely high muscular levels. Get that right


2. We know how it feels to walk into a room full of sweaty stinky men and we don’t actually care much. 
We’re too busy doing our thing. I guess we were all intimidated at the start, but the Iron Family was more than welcoming and we became a part of it eventually.

3. “You go into gym to see guys right?”
YES WE TOTALLY DO THAT. That is firstly an insult, and secondly, we’re not desperate, so damn desperate that we have to go into the gym to find guys. We go into the gym to lift, and to push ourselves. Trust us, we have better things to do than come to the gym to look at men. After a while, we really get very de-sensitized (if there is such a word) to the male species.

4. We can hold a conversation with you men on football, gym, the army, anything, and it’s not unusual. 
No we’re not showing off, we just can do that, get used to it. We’ll ask you occasionally for advice if we need to, and it’s not because we want to get to you. And don’t give us weird looks when we can hold a proper solid conversation on form and reps and sets. It’s not alien to us at all.

5. We’re confident
I think this comes as part of the package, the more you lift, it helps you mentally, in terms of discipline, physically – when you get in shape and get stronger, more immune to viruses, gives you a healthier diet, keeps you more awake and energized. All these as a result boost your smiles, keeps you happy, and you will get that adrenaline rush which makes everything a lot faster, better, and more exciting. Life generally takes a turn, when you lift. It helps boost the confidence levels, and makes you feel a lot better about yourself, your body, everything.

6. DO NOT, (if we lift with you), think, for one second that we need to be condescended to. 

We know when to ask for help, and we will. But we, as much as you do, want to challenge ourselves, so let us. We are not your damsel in distress.

7. We eat. A LOT. Get used to it. We’ll probably eat more than you (if you don’t lift, that’s if)
One plate of rice is normal for us, on non-gym days, which is rarely. We can eat and we want to, no we’re not bulking (unless you are), we’re hungry, just hungry, pretty much always. On workout days, two servings is about just right, maybe more. And the meat, that’s 2-3 servings of whatever we’re eating, preferably chicken because chicken is protein, and we need a lot of that.

8. We don’t eat junk food, like Macs, not because we want to lose weight (don’t get me started on guys asking girls why they’re in the gym when they’re already skinny)
We eat well because we know our body needs basic food, potatoes, etc. We eat well because our body responds to junk really badly as it does to good food. We don’t dig salads always, we’re not trying to be bamboo-pole-skinny here, but we eat well, and don’t insult us with ‘healthy eating jokes’.

9. NEVER ask female weightlifters if they went to the gym to run on the treadmill

10. Challenge us, we will take it
Chances are, we may actually be able to do it. Even if we cannot, we will not back down, partly because of ego, but partly because we believe in taking challenges by the horns. We are brave, daring, and adventurous. Hardcore.


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