So, here’s some answers

So, here’s some answers

Recently I’ve been getting questions like/along the lines of: how do you stay up so long and do so many things in the given time?

To answer that, I just want to give my suggestions on being able to complete as many things as possible in the given time and (maybe go out with friends still).

1. Make a to-do list.

If it’s exam period and you know you need to study a lot and you don’t know where to start, make a list of all the topics you need to study. Then have the exam dates in front of you. Arrange your revision schedule for the next few days/weeks (depending on how much time you have left) based on the dates of he exam. Meaning if you have Literature last, study more literature stuff toward the end and focus more on other subjects that come earlier at the start of the revision schedule.

What’s the point of a to do list? A to do list for the day, and not just for the day but for the week (and weeks ahead) help you track how far you’ve been going and how much you’ve left and it works to scare you if you’ve a lot of undone and also gives you motivation when you cross out stuff.


2. Consistency.

Uni life is madly exciting, there’s too many groups of friends to go out with, to stay for the late night dinners and so on, but you alone know how much crap you’ve left undone. Telling yourself that you’ll do it ‘tomorrow’ will never happen. It will accumulate and you will die from week 12-onward to finals. I mean you will die. Even if you can complete everything, the stress and anxiety is surely not worth it, and you can be so much more (insert motivational quote here). When I say be consistent I mean clear today’s revision, today, or latest by the same week. What you have not understood this week will affect your understanding (or lack of) for the next lesson and the next and so on. Also, consistently going through your work means you can clarify stuff you don’t know or fallacies you hold true earlier, meaning you don’t end up staring at the notes during week 13 and wonder what the actual crap does this mean (is it even English.?)

3. Sleep

For goodness sake, sleep. This is something we are all guilty of, myself included. I barely get a full night of 8 hours rest. My suggestion, knowing our need to study at night because we’re too busy with friends, CCA, etc etc etc is, if you’re pulling a 4am, do it maximum 2-3 days a week. Anymore and your body will start going mad. Even if you don’t feel it because of the litres of coffee you chug. (WOO!) sleep enables you to focus in lectures and not doze and this means less need for revision time to catch up on what you dozed to in lecture, and more time for yourself, which means more time to sleep…you get me.

4. Maintain a positive attitude

It really counts for a lot. Positivity, and psyching yourself sometimes works. One of my mottos in life is: ‘Cannot also must can(EXCUSE THE TERRIBLE SINGLISH). Translated into sound English, it means that when you’re down and out and cannot move on anymore, you must also still do it somehow. So, no matter how much you think that assignment you’re working on cannot be produced by 2359 the next day, just do it. You’ll realize later how you managed to churn it out against all odds. Also, enjoy everything you do, whether with friends and even in studies, take it all as a challenge, work hard for it, and don’t give up. Whatever roadblocks you encounter that are particularly difficult, don’t panic. Calm yourself, think rationally and ask for help. That leads me to my next point.

5. Ask for help

There are enough avenues to get help. Professors, friends. Just ask, it won’t hurt and it’ll probably also save you time that you would’ve otherwise spent going over those notes. Don’t be afraid to ask, no one’s gonna judge. And even if they do, does it really matter?

6. Know your priorities and work within and around them.  

When I hear of someone who’s able to juggle a part time job and school, I’m amazed. I guess at the end it’s down to priorities. You know your deadlines and your friends are also calling. Work around them. Don’t risk it and regret later. Well if you do that you only have yourself to blame. If you prioritize your friends, then when you’re out with them by all means enjoy yourself, go all out, give yourself good breaks, you deserve it. But then come back and get the work done, discipline yourself just enough to not lie on the bed and crash, but take a shower and sit down and get your work done. It’s not that you can’t go out or have a social life, you just need to know that what needs to be done needs to be done

I guess I’ve said enough. Mostly these are what I do. Thanks for reading and all the best ^^


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