10 things that we believed before uni and here’s whether they were true or not.

1. It’ll be easier than JC/Poly.

What a hell of a lie. It’s more specific that I can agree with. But easier, really? I disagree. It’s sorta harder than A levels in that there are more readings (arts especially), and you need a higher level of discipline to meet deadlines because no one is gonna chase you anymore, you set your own deadlines and meet them accordingly.

2. Seniors will be scary and everything will be too large and you’ll be overwhelmed and lost.

Yes. It’s aggravated if you don’t go for camps. However, it doesn’t mean that if you go for camps you’ll be much less lonelier per se because the friendships you make from camps are yours to maintain (or not). Many times, once camp hype dies down, people and orientation groups drift to a certain extent. But no, seniors are actually nicer than you expect them to be. They can be very friendly AND ARE helpful especially when you don’t know the stuff that’s not said on websites – like which mods not to take or to take and which professors are mean and which bus stops to drop off at and which CCAs to or not to join ETC.

3. Everyone drinks and lets loose and goes mad in uni.

True and not true. There are times to not do that too. You gotta know when.

4. You’ll be very carefree in uni.

You see the instagrams of certain popular people and go like ‘wow they’re so free!’ Depending on person to person, really, some people, given the option of freer timetables, plan many many many things in their blank slots (I do) and busy themselves. Others just spend their time at home in the comfort of their blankets (which by the way, is amazing too!) So whether or not you’ll be carefree depends on you, and also it depends if you have a free timetable (cue the horrid timetables of engineers, sorry guys).

5. We were scared that we’ll be unable to cope

This was true back then and it’s still true. In JC (I speak as a JC student), it was the never ending weeks of school, and the dreariness AND menacing cloud of A levels that loomed nigh. Now, everyday and every lecture feels like a wave (tsunami, sometimes) of information that we zone out or sleep OR try hard not to do either of both. Is hard to cope in lectures, then tutorials, then sometimes, no every time, waking up, hall activities, and CCAs…some people even work! The list never ends. It’s all down to priorities and planning, really. There can be many commitments but it’s about which one is important NOW and which can be done later. That’s just one of the ways to cope, (feel free to suggest more).

6. Army boys have it hard.

Yes they do. Two years of uh, not really using their brains (or as a friend put it, doing nothing remotely near to calculus or critical thinking), and suddenly being thrown back into the foray of highly analytical, sharp and broad minded individuals… Woah. That’s some tough stuff.

7. University is where all the smart people are

Yes and no. The criteria for our local universities is generally high. And the polytechnic students who enter are generally the top of their class. Yes people are quite intelligent. However I would like to say the value of hard work always stands, where people feel they lack in intelligence and aptitude many of them are hardworking and they give their all. Let us not discount that.

8. Having said number 7, here’s a sort of contradiction (but it’s true as well). Hard work pays off

Not all the time. Ask those who’ve been massacred by the bell curve. The bell curve determines your grade, really, although hard work helps push you up too. There’s a balance between hard work and intelligence and both work together to form the level of the bell curve for that module or class. Should the median be 90, your 75 stands nowhere.

9. Uni is the time to explore new things.

YES! Yes please do. Note to all freshmen: GO and try stuff you’ve never attempted before, do things out of your comfort zone. Seeing my seniors’ Instagram shots with all their various activities made me do a heck load of stuff in year 1 sem 1 and I didn’t regret. I went through good and bad experiences but they all add to the repertoire of lessons you’d learn, and you’ll also pick up skills and be more able to do things you never were able to. Pick up leadership positions and try, do Sports if you’ve always been a performing arts person, try dancing even if you think you’ve got 2 left feet, try modules you think are interesting but have no experience in (THERE IS ALWAYS THE S/U). Just do it, really. You won’t regret.

10. There’s no time to sleep

Yes there’s really no time to sleep. There’s a 1001 things to do and places to be. But NO there’s always time for sleep. As a good friend said, “Eat Pray Love? No. Eat Pray Sleep. Same thing.” Sleep is NOT for the weak. Sleep is necessary, all you coffee surviving robots! And we find places to sleep EVERYWHERE! From library table tops to MRTs (yes while we’re standing). We sleep at the weirdest hours, whether we stay in hall or not, but when we crash, tornadoes don’t wake us.

And with that,
Good night.

(meme credits to whoever made it)


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