This module is taught by Dr Jayati Bhattacharaya

Overall comments: Heavy readings, I will not lie. There is an entire pack of it. BUT it can be managed if you don’t do last minute work. However I would like to also state that I really enjoyed the module. There is a presentation segment and an essay of 1000 words to be handed in the week after the presentation. It was really manageable with consistent work. I got Dr Jayati as my tutor and she was pretty interesting to listen to. She spoke a lot every tutorial but it was quite insightful. For the presentation segment, she would stop after every presenter and comment on the content of their presentation. It was good because many things she talks about is not so much for you to memorise (because you just cannot), but it is thought provoking.

Workload: It is heavy, but readings are there for a reason, they will be the muscle and flesh to the skeleton of the lectures. I’m not saying the lectures are skeletons but the readings certainly bolster your understanding of it.

Midterms was 15 MCQ plus 1 short note (short is relative, I wrote 3 sides of a foolscap)

Final exams was interesting and challenging but all good! – 1 essay 40 marks (3 questions choose 1), 3 short notes 3x20marks (6 questions choose 3)

Final grade: B


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