Taken in AY 2015/16 Sem 1

This module is taught by Dr Lee Mia Ching
30% Final Exam
20% Section Participation (Tutorials 1-4)
25% Lecture Quizzes (each lecture – drop lowest score)
10% Group Presentation
15% Essay

Overall comments: The first few lectures will interest you. Well, I took this module because I liked history – specifically the European part. But along the way the readings got a little more than I could handle and I started to lag behind. It wasn’t too bad in the end, consistency is key. 20-30 pages per chapter does it. Clear everything for the week and it’ll be okay. In terms of interest, it is a fun module, you cover European philosophy (Locke, Marx), Colonialism and Imperialism, Nationalism and nation building, etc.

Workload: It is tough, in that the readings come fast and furious, there’s lecture readings from the textbook and tutorial readings, but they can be dealt with though slightly time consuming.

Midterms – there were none
There are lecture quizzes, at the start of every lecture, it means you have to be there, on time. It was quite basic, following the readings for the past lecture.

Then we come to the project where your group chose a specific item/place/person/whatever (around Week 3?) and researched on the broader picture surrounding it, and the final tutorial was for presentation where every group had 10 minutes to showcase their project. There was an essay submission of 1500 words two weeks after about your area of research and how your item linked to/had historical significance to the making of Modern Europe (1800s NOT present day Europe).

Final exams was interesting and challenging but all good! – Section A was identification – 5 sets of questions where you either wrote about X or Y and what was it significance to history (each part not exceeding half an A4 paper). Second part was a short essay – 4 questions choose 1.

All in all, it’s insightful, but the workload may be a turn off


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