This module is taught by different tutors. There is no lecture – just two tutorial slots a week, 2 hours each. My tutor was Prof Chan Wai Meng

Overall comments: The module, like other language modules, is tough, but NOT impossible to handle. In week 3 I was nearly dying from the workload but I managed to handle it. This is a Continuous Assessment kind of module, so there is no final exam per se, but the ‘finals’ are in Week 12. So technically, it’s like finals, except you actually get your answer script returned on week 13. The nature of your experience with the mod can depend highly on the professor teaching it – mine made it really interactive, fun, and also interesting. He didn’t just teach us words to memorize or something dry but he taught us the origins of words and how they are made up/combined and stuff like that.There were also class based games that gave us the chance to interact with other students (each class size is 25 people max).

Workload: Tests frequency increase as the semester gets nearer to a close. You have to put in effort. But it is not impossible. Personally I’m terrible at vocab but there are other assessment sections which you can score in.

Assessment: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing are the different assessment components. You will be asked to record videos of yourself/in groups in different settings such as cafe settings, deciding on hangout spots etc – this is for conversational assessment where you’ll be judged on intonation and fluency etc. 2 Semester tests one after reading week and one on week 12 – there’s comprehension and other stuff. Vocab tests once every two weeks. A couple of other assignments here and there… but you’ll be happy to get this out of the way before finals mugging comes to swallow you up.

Final grade: B-


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