India’s Daughter

India’s Daughter by Leslee Udwin. 

It proved to be emotion-stirring and extremely engaging. It’s more of a documentary – Udwin put together the entire string of events beginning from the night of the gang rape all the way to the conviction.

Why you should watch it: 
The documentary provides an insight to the mindset of the society and brings it out as a very chronic and perennial problem. It discusses reasons for the rape and forces you to face the bare facts, no matter how painful it is to hear. It is also heart wrenching and heavy with emotions as the director spoke to those directly involved and they revealed their thoughts and emotions both during the incident and through it.

There is also a panel discussion after the movie where you will have a Q&A session with the director and UN/AWARE representatives.


Where and when can you catch it:
The Projector (, Golden Mile Tower (closest MRT: Nicoll Highway)

To book tickets click Here

16 December, Wednesday

(Disclaimer: all photos are taken from Google and are none of mine)


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