Exam Results

Exam Results

To be honest, when I saw the results I felt quite sad, I expected more, a lot more. However when I told those around me, they felt that it was good and commensurate to the work done. I came to think of a few things on taking it.

  1. University makes you feel very stupid sometimes. If you thought you were smart, welcome to the real world, where either hard work or intelligence ALONE is not gonna be enough. There’s the bell curve… But at the same time I think it’s a great thing that it’s like that, because I’m someone that thrives on competition, so this feeling of never being good enough (not the negative connotation), pushes me to strive for more and never be contented with what I have right now.
  2. Having said that, I think that there are many things to be thankful for. I think that the lessons I learnt this semester were priceless. But then also, I should be thankful for what I got. God was good that despite whatever I have done this sem due to my stupidity, especially (maybe) taking too many commitments in one go, it didn’t really affect my overall grade.
  3. I think that a not so nice grade is worth it if the module was fun and a good learning experience. This went for German. It was tough, but worth it, the teacher was good and the experience was rewarding. I suppose the bell curve did slaughter me for that HAHAHA
  4. I believe that passion is underrated. It is abstract, but when you really love to do something, you’d look over and above just the grade (though that is about the only tangible thing you receive from the module). I went in to Uni with this idea that I will throw myself totally into whatever I was doing, learn it hard, learn it well and I really think it was worth it. I mean to be honest after European Studies exams I was reading the rest of the textbook because it was just interesting. People say that’s weird but I disagree! (not that I care much oh well), but still. It’s Singapore though, and people still give me weird looks when I say I love History and Literature. The most common question I get is – what’re you gonna do with it, teach? WELLLLL YES BUT I HATE THAT STEREOTYPE OH GOSH. GIVE US A BREAK PLEASE
  5. I think people assume that in Uni, you can do everything and still have good grades. Seems to me that it’s a given. Like you are SUPPOSED to get good grades and do EVERYTHING else too, hall, CCAs, etc etc etc etc. Singaporean/Asian things I guess.


(meme credits to whoever created it)



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