2015 Year in Review

2015 Year in Review

Facebook was doing this … then as I clicked a selection of photos to put into my ‘Year in Review’ or YiR, I realised there were too many things done this year to fit into 10 photographs.

So here’s my take on it. A few photos per event. I hope to capture all.

January – March 2015:

  • Teaching Internship Programme 2015
  • TIP Training Week (January 2015)
  • Humanities Day (March/April 2015)

April 2015

  • Thailand Mission Trip
  • Sports @ YM
  • Hillsong 2015 Tour
  • YM hangouts – to send the army boys off and pizza and jam seshs (s)
  • Said goodbye to the CONCEN team at IRAS and moved to Enforcement
  • IJC Carnival

May 2015

  • Investiture 2015 (30th SL!)

June 2015

  • Temasek Hall Exposure Programme (WOOOOHOOO BEST CAMP EVER)
  • Church Camp 2015
  • Birthday at the Beach


July 2015

  • POP of some of the boys
  • Saying goodbye to IRAS Enforcement as we started Uni
  • LitSoc Camp: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

August 2015

  • Arts O Week
  • Achievement day at YJ
  • Beach day with Churchies
  • Vision Tea 2015
  • Pizza day with cruew
  • Social Night (where I ended up meeting friends HAHA)

September 2015

  • Bubble Soccer with ODAC
  • ODAC elections
  • Lit Soc picnic day
  • Little India walk with the bestie
  • BBQ with the cruew
  • EU groupings and presentations and a whole load of crap with the Guillotined Group (woot y’all the best presentation group yo)

October 2015

  • St John’s Island trip
  • ODAC Exco Cohesion Laser Tag
  • besties graduated YAY
  • Another bros ‘social night’ which ended up in a lot of playground antics and laughing

November 2015

  • Thanksgiving night 2015
  • Doggie day with the big sis (:
  • Joelle’s birthday surprise

December 2015

  • There are too many things to list seriously
  • PreUSem dinner
  • DG lunch which meant I ate too much Korean BBQ
  • EU kids lunch (and also when we created the Guillotined #2015GeoffXmasEdition
  • Hillsong Empires Tour
  • Chalet with the cruew
  • India’s Daughter Screening
  • Meetup with the IRAS boys
  • lovedespite ^^
  • Model EU kids meetup
  • Jam sesh YAY
  • J&I’s Wedding/Christmas celebration 25th December
  • Watchnight Service and countdown to 2016



Lastly, it was a year marked with YM and meeting many people that have changed my life, and to be honest, I can’t imagine my life now without them. SO MUCH happened in a year, many of which were things that taught me lessons, some broke my heart, others touched me to tears, but I am so thankful for a 2015 that has been just plain amazing. I can’t wait for what God has in store for my life in 2016.




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