So, I bought a new camera. Finally. It was a long time coming, and there was a great deal of contemplation, research, asking around, consulting friends who were photographers, etc. The day came, and I got my hands on a really nice basic but solid DSLR.

I went home that day really happy, extremely pleased that after saving up for so long, and scrimping and pinching here and there, I managed to get enough to get the camera, and better still at the start of 2016. Gleefully, I texted my mother that I had bought the camera…

When I reached home, the first thing was that I got lambasted for wasting money, for not consulting her. What annoyed me the most was that buying a camera was called ‘wasting money’. Firstly, it was my own money that was being used here, but more so what made me sad was the fact that to her, photography is a waste of time and resources.

Of course, many people have jumped headlong into the trend that is ‘Instagramming’ and all things that are somehow linked to both photo snapping (of literally everything and anything) and social media. I do not deny that the trend took me in, too. However, I realised along the way that photography meant a lot more to me than what it seemingly offered. On the surface, we all take photos to store memories, but as I did, I realised the focus of my photo taking shift to nature related shots.

Nature has a certain charm for me. It heals me, it gives me peace, and it reminds me of my Creator and His glory. It’s ever so heart warming to watch the sky get painted in different colours (as my pastor said), to see the colour of the flowers, the symmetry around me. I love long walks down the roads because it allows for reflection and thought.

I started from a mirrorless camera, but I decided to move up because I felt it was time to. I hope I will get better (:

Back to the point, I guess I could say ‘to each his own’ and not be bothered about what she felt. But I feel sad, I can’t help feeling disappointed that she’s been watching me shoot photos, and yet after all this while she can still say that a really dear hobby of mine is a waste of resources. I wish you’d understand, mom, I really wish you would.




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