Hereby Sem 2 comes

Hereby Sem 2 comes

So the mad rush began, from the train journeys to the classes. It was a sight to behold – people shoving other people out of the way, not exactly running but brisk walking, trying not to be late but barely on time, canteen crowds…

In all this I found myself a Y1S1 freshman once again, unused to everything that was simultaneously hurled on me. I was overwhelmed, deadlines and documents to read from IVLE and elsewhere piled up, I couldn’t even manage. In all these, there was my camera sitting quietly on my table waiting to be brought out for a day’s bonding session with me. Then there’s dad at home, he is barely home, and in the madness of Sem 2 I became unable to spend time, that I wanted to, with him.

Opening up IVLE some lecturers already uploaded all files for the semester into the workbin, there were also syllabuses, lecture 1s and more. I stopped and asked myself how on earth would I possibly go through this.

While I was in the pool of thoughts and work, my phone pinged and it was a message saying that there were meetings here, there, everywhere.

I sighed.

Time to make myself another cup of coffee.


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