You break my heart

You break my heart

Your lack of understanding and trust is beyond me. How long have you known me and the fact that I’m 20 this year and after all that I’ve done, this is the attitude I’m presented with. I suppose the miles I go for you and those around you are invisible to your eyes. Maybe it is not, but you’d close your eyes to it so you don’t have to face truth. You don’t just disgust me, you sadden my heart, you make me feel distraught and flabbergasted at the way you react to this. How could you possibly be so slow to understand and insensitive as well m? I don’t like to ever use the word ‘obtuse’ on anyone but you prompt me to. Have you been away so long that you know nothing about the present situation? Probably so. Even after refresher courses have been given to you, you seem to be living in a world of your own concocted imagination, as though just to say ‘imagination’ would not suffice. It’s probably time for you to attempt and lift that rock you’ve been living under and get a view of the vast changes that have transpired while you built your own little well, higher and higher with more bricks every year. Maybe not your worldview is circular, next time it’ll be non-existent because we’ll all have moved on, society and those close to you. And you’ll be left alone. Maybe you deserve it too. If not for the obvious links shared between us, I dare say there’s nothing much between us anymore. I wish you’d open your eyes and learn to be not just more understanding but have some form of heart. What’re your global goals worth when your own languishing relationships fade slowly but surely into oblivion?


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