Our God is greater

This morning I had my own quiet time of worship and I just want to say how healing it is to just know, and just bask in the fact that Our God is there for us.

I read Genesis and I saw Joseph’s unconditional love for his brethren. He saved them all, despite having been ill-treated by them in the past. I saw Abraham and instead of offering up his son, God gave Him the gift of the ram in the thicket, representing Christ that was to come and die in that same spot on Mount Moriah/Calvary, years later. But this time the Father did not say stop, but He let His only Begotten Son die, to give us hope.

I cried, because I saw I am so far, I am so far from sacrifice. I am so far from obedience, from consecration. I say I love my Saviour but I am not like Him.

I say I am a christian but my God showed me what love is. He showed me what sacrifice is. As I listened to christian music and read the Bible, I felt that inexplicable sense come over me. I wondered with awe who would even do this for mortal, sinful, finite beings. Who would have the love and heart so big as to love the unlovables. But He did, and that is the reason, HE is the reason I can trust so freely, love so deeply and live each day. I am humbled to see how much I have not done in reciprocation. At the same time, I am thankful to be able to lift my heart, my troubles, and dilemmas to Him, trusting He knows best.

“There is a Healer..His mercy is unfailing”



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