Sem 2 Week 5 // Humbled

These people, well, I didn’t expect much when I first joined. In fact, I only stayed because post FOC 2015 I thought oh I have some friends here so I’ll stay. So it turns out this was the best decision I made all of last semester. You guys have been family, so warm, welcoming, not just superficially but deeply. I have had so many chances to relate to different people in different ways, we’ve had incredible times of laughter, BBQs, Impacts (Y), sharing sessions. It’s been such a blast, I cannot be thankful for you guys enough. The decision to join Community Comm was one of hesitation initially. I have more than enough commitments but somehow this one beckoned especially loudly. I wanted to be a part of something greater. So I prayed, and I felt moved to take this step. It is small. But I know nothing with God is insignificant or too small. As I go behind the lens every time we have events and I snap y’all smiling and enjoying yourselves, you guys bring warmth to my heart, in the midst of the jading atmosphere of rushing back and forth from tutorials and lectures, you guys are my midweek breathers every Wednesday. ❤



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