Opening my eyes from a night of restless sleep, I open my timeline and I scroll past the countless shots of food, people and #relationshipgoals. I watch myself go from jealous to depressed, feeling the weight of everything and nothing at the same time. What’s the point of all this I ask myself. Ain’t it but transient, one picture capturing the moment but never telling the story in full, yet as always, a snapshot says so much. Closing that window I think of the could’ves and that what ifs, I chide myself for foolish hopes. The frustration reaches an annoying level, I grit my teeth and carry on with the day. Getting out of bed only serves to already tire me, but didn’t I rest? Coffee and a shower should’ve done me good. Sitting down at the computer like I do. Perpetually. Allowing work to flood my thoughts seems to have become a new escape. I used to try and escape work. Now it’s my new hiding place. Work till I can barely open my eyes. Then falling into a restless slumber at 2.58am I dream on again.


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