Sem 2 Week 6 // Rest

Sem 2 Week 6 // Rest

This 6 weeks I noted some improvements from last Sem which is great. In summary;

  1. I slept more. That’s a darn great achievement. Need I say more? Well okay. On the flipside, I know I drank more coffee than necessary. But okay the good thing is I slept more and that’s very important.
  2. I chilled a lot more. I learnt to reject social commitments and put quiet time first. Of course if you saw my schedule you’ll be like what on earth that’s called lessening? Yes it is. It could’ve been worse trust me.
  3. I managed to consolidate thoughts and reflections and be sensitive to what I felt and had more time to deal with and think about them.
  4. It’s been a relatively quiet Sem and I do feel that while I deal with a lot of unrest inside, at least I can say had some good good alone time.
  5. The events that have already passed were satisfying and fulfilling. History Soc’s Project Scribe Workshop, The Impact(s) 1-5, orientation back at YJ for the kids which included house showcase, some cozy dinners with friends, well, I know there are many more events to come but so far, these have been great.
  6. I started training again. I thought I’d have to overcome mental fears more than physical fears but placing me in my natural habitat did some good and I naturally accustomed back and hopped right back on the gains train woohoo! The one setback if it is even considered one is that my DOMs are so painful I’m nearly dying walking around school. My body refused to get out of bed at 9am in the morning and (I don’t sleep past 8am usually). But it’s always worth it.
  7. The bestie; it has been a roller coaster for him so far but I’m glad I can spend time with him regularly. Facebook kindly reminded me we’ve been friends 3 years but it sure feels much longer. I’m thankful, always.
  8. Every Wednesday night with my crew brings me closer and closer to God and to them. I often thank God for them, the lessons learnt, and the family gained. I suppose the step I made to be part of Comm comm is the best thing I’ve done all Sem and no regrets 🙂


I still struggle with a lot of things, thoughts that threaten to take away my momentum as I conquer the Sem with God’s help week by week. It’s frustrating that every Saturday I cross the customs for means to an end that never comes because the jam that builds up is atrocious; and it doesn’t help that I often get subtle (and not so subtle at times) gestures of displeasure from those who meet me. I suppose loving this life for two sems has made me increasingly wanna tear my hair out, but all I can tell myself is to bite the bullet and just do it. I won’t throw in the towel ’cause I keep telling myself I’m a fighter and everything can be done with determination and God’s strength.

So with half the semester down, I think I’m still alive and kicking and that’s good to know. More events upcoming, many fun times and tough times ahead, but I’ll always have my supports with me, those around me whom I treasure greatly. I know I also gotta be strong for those around me and that somehow does push me on when tough days and nights come my way. Cheers to caffeine for being that very loyal sidekick I can never get enough of.


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