Why being an idealist sucks

Why being an idealist sucks

You start everything by hoping for the best. And by that I mean not hoping for things to go well but secretly preparing that something will go wrong. You genuinely believe that it will go right. You choose to see the best out of every situation, you tell yourself that at the start of every event or situation or wish or date, that you’ll get it done to perfection, that bad things will eventually become good, that you’ll get the girl/guy to fall for you, that your family will stop quarreling over money, that studying this much will make your grades go up.

Being an idealist means that you live with sometimes a more than positive outlook. It also means you tend to see more than just the good, sometimes you exaggerate the positive side because you believe that it can only get better. You trust that one day your wishes will be honored, that the statement, “you’ll be okay in the end”, will be true. You’ll choose to hope in the hopeless because it’s just the way you’re tuned.
Idealists want to change the world. They watch the news out there, seeing the environment get more and more wrecked, they see society in suck and such a way. Then they still think to themselves, I’m gonna be the one to change society. Even if I’m one, at least I’m gonna make a change. We all have that child inside of us that wants to do good things and think we can. The only difference between idealists and everyone else that is the child never grows old, no matter how far old we’ve grown. After being exposed to the realities of life and the sadness and harshness, we still believe, and even when there’s no more reason to believe, we still do.
Then when things go wrong, sometimes you panic because you’re hit hard. More than getting hit hard that you’re not getting what you wished for, you curse yourself for being an idealist. You say, damn I should’ve known. It’s better to not hope than to hope because hope only makes you feel the drop more significantly. So the next time you try and prepare for the heartbreak and guard your heart against hope, somehow, it comes creeping back and capturing you once again.
In every disappointed realist is an idealist that was torn down, destroyed, who secretly still hopes for change but doesn’t know how to achieve it. But that doesn’t change the fact that they still hope.
(Pic credits: @muikaiyuan)


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