Juventus 2-2 Bayern Munich

Juventus 2-2 Bayern Munich

It was a thrilling night as Bayern Munich faced off with Juventus at the Italians’ home ground. The scoreline could not have done justice to the game. Faced with a 2-0 victory after a stellar display from the away side, Juventus had to come back and boy they did in style.

The first half saw a very lacklustre performance from the home team. It seemed as though Allegri had gotten all tactics wrong and got his team to come out on the counter against Bayern. The Germans thrive on possession football and clearly that would have not worked out. It got to a point where there were 3 times as many Bayern passes as there were Juve passes and possession was 80-20 with the home side losing out.

After some good pressing around, the breakthrough came for Bayern with Thomas Mueller’s goal cruising into the net. It had been coming with all the chances created. The second was a Robben classic, post first half, with a Lewandowski assist. Lewandowski’s pass was a little wide but the Dutchman handled that perfectly and curled the shot round his left foot into the net.

Just when it seemed all over for Bayern, especially when post halftime dressing room talks did not seem to do any good to Juve, suddenly, a defensive slip and Dybala, who’d been pretty active all evening, sent the ball through the Bayern net pass Neuer. It was a Kimmich skip and one that was well turned into a goal by the Italians. Credits to Mandzukic, former Bayern forward for the sleek tuck to Dybala leading up to goal.

Clearly Juventus seemed to figure out by this time that the way into the Bayern half wasn’t hard, just remove possession and attack instead of counter attacks which, like the first half, would result in 3 Bayern players converging on you and reclaiming possession. Juve seemed to get it, and 13 minutes was all it took for the comeback to happen. The second goal produced in that 13 minutes was by substitute Sturaro, assisted by Mandzukic once again.

Tensions began building up and petty fouls were thrown around resulting in a near stand-off between Mandzukic and Lewandowski. The revival of the home fans cheers seemed to echo that sentiment. Substitutes were made on both sides with Bayern opting for a defensive change that would put a proper back four in place and Morata on for Dybala.

Towards the last 15 miniutes there were more tries on both sides with Juventus in control of the the game. A few timed saves on the German side saw the scoreline held to a 2-2. Ribery did come close to shooting but the real chances for the Germans were mostly in the first half.

The game ended with a 2-2 scoreline. Bayern Munich host Juventus in the upcoming fixture and need a draw to go through (up to a maximum of 2-2), as they hold away goal advantage over Juventus. Juventus need a 1-0 victory at the Allianz Arena to clear the Round of 16.

In the other fixture of the night, Arsenal looks to be heading out of the Champions League with a 71′ strike from Lionel Messi and a penalty also taken by him no thanks to Flamini foul. Arsenal need a miracle to happen at Nou Camp in the next fixture.

(picture credits: here)

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