To incoming/potential freshmen

To incoming/potential freshmen

Why you should pick FASS:

I give you my reasons. (disclaimer: these are mine and do no reflect any organizations’)

1. Exposure mods and basket system:

The basket system that NUS FASS has means that you must do one from Arts basket (Philosophy, English literature, linguistics, history), one from Asian studies (South Asian, southeast Asian),  one from Social Sciences, and one more from the basket where your major comes from – meaning that if you’re a Literature major, a possible selection for you could be Literature exposure (EN1101E), South Asian Studies exposure (SE1101E), Political Science exposure (PS1101E) AND History Exposure (HY1101E).
(an exposure module can be recognized as it is XX1101E).

This is good because it ‘forces’ you to try things you’d never expect to try. Some people say that the exposure module is not a representation of the actual module. I suppose it varies from major to major but personally it is good in my opinion. I tried SN1101E which was South Asian Studies. It was eye opening and enjoyable despite the workload.

2. You can pick your major in Y2S2 (that’s the latest).

You get to try and explore your interests to a certain depth before deciding if you really want to pursue it. For example if you liked both literature and history or psychology and social work and cannot decide between the two, you can do the modules of both majors up to a few level 2000s before deciding whether you want to do one or both (or major minor).

3. This is more for NUS in general (other Unis please don’t kill me)

NUS and SMU do enjoy the privilege of not being so out of the way. Buona Vista and Dhoby Ghaut/Bras Basah is definitely more accessible than Pioneer/Boonlay – where NTU is. But there are halls galore there I gotta say.

4. This is really dependent on who you mix with – but yes to diversity!

But in FASS the people you mix with can be very diverse and can bring with them many different skill sets, personalities and perspectives. Furthermore a lot of FASS mods are breadths (mods open to other faculties) meaning that in tutorials you don’t just meet people from arts doing an arts module but even people from engineering and business ETC.

5. You can plan your timetable – this is like, amazing.

Oh how wonderful it is to have a free day (maybe even two hehehe!) and also to have classes that begin at 12pm 👍🏽. Okay but those blank slots are really to chiong readings so…

6. Language modules are under FASS so YAY for lower bidding points.

I don’t know if this is a blessing or curse but for me I bidded for both langaige modules I took under Programme account and thus it helps save my other bidding account (the General account) for General Education Mods (GEMS) which are occasionally terribly expensive in terms of high bid points. (If this bidding system confuses you, PM me and I’ll explain).

Let me know if you guys have any more reasons as to why. 

If y’all want to know more details, I’m always available via Facebook/Whatsapp. 

Also look out for the FASS Open House that will offer you a chance to speak to people from the specific majors to find out more. 

Lastly, NUS Open House is on the 12th of March, see you there 😉


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