Back on Twitter

Two years ago, I deleted my Twitter account because I felt I’d reached that stage where I’d rant about everything and anything there and it became a bad thing. It sorta promoted and helped with my impulsive behaviours that I was trying to change. I can successfully say that now that has been mostly subdued and I like it how I’ve become better at dealing with conflicts as now that there wasn’t Twitter I couldn’t just rant on it and whine but actually blog about it which forced me to rationalise my thoughts and feelings and also to ensure I didn’t hurt anyone in the process (and feel guilty later).

Anyway I got back on Twitter to follow world news so I’d have some form of a timeline that isn’t facebook videos and rants by my friends.

If you’re wondering, it’s @sliding_tackles
(P.S. I’m impressed that after two years, that username is still available to me hehehe)


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