EN2202: Critical Reading

Overall comments:

Well, what a module this was. 7-8 weeks of barely understanding anything before the light came. This module is taken by a new prof Dr Roy, so she is not really used to planning the curriculum. If you take this under her, be prepared for very spur of the moment things, tests and assignment ONLY given in week 12-13. Breakdown is 30-30-30-10, 30% – class participation and presentation, 30% class work and assignments, 30% final assignment, 10% – for flexibility purposes she said. She deals with abstract concepts and uses scholarly articles to provide framework for discussion and only actually went into the text from week 7/8 onwards.


Sporadic because you’re not really sure what she wants you to do. Most of the work done in the seminar. No finals. No midterms either. Really vague at times, honestly. But maybe it’s the first time she’s taking it, it might get better. There was a midterm short response essay of about 2 pages double spacing, a final in class written test for about an hour and a take home finals exam paper that you had to answer one question from 3 sections, poetry and the two texts covered.

Rating on Esther’s scale, is it worth taking the module – 6.5/10. It only started to be worth it a little too late, I feel.

Final grade: B+ (wished for an A- but okay not too bad haha)

For some personal comments; visit here.


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