HY2253: Christianity in World History

Overall comments:
The bell curve is bad. and the prof is an extremely strict marker. Nonetheless, I enjoyed myself. I have to qualify and say that I am a Christian and therefore it does help that I know many/most of the concepts taught and there is little thinking work on my part (for content). If this was bid from Round 3, the bidding points were inflated badly but Round 2a/b was okay, I got mine for 1 point. I think the module does give an objective and balanced view of the growth, change, development and globalization of the religion. (As a christian), it is interesting to listen and learn many things that we take for granted we know. The prof is pretty engaging and his lectures are amusing.

Readings are pretty heavy, that is if you actually do them. Tutorials every week last for an hour and can be intense (or not) depending on your class’ engagement and participation level. My class’ was good so I enjoyed it, but felt tutorials were slightly short and could be longer. The module spans extremely long timelines and covers many issues and themes so if you’re not a content guzzler you might want to reconsider. (I have notes, if you’re interested come find me.) The essay is worth 20%, reaction piece article critique is 20%; Tutorial participation – 20%. Finals – 40%

There aren’t midterms but there is a midterm essay, a reaction piece essay due week 10/11, and finals.

Rating on Esther’s scale, is it worth taking the module: Yes, quite. 8.5/10

Final grade: A-


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