LAG2201: German 2

First I need to talk about the prof. Some of the things I said here were taken from the nomination I wrote for him for the teaching awards.

This prof has inspired me to take German 2 even though I did not intend to. I am anything but a language person but he made me see and understand that studying a language is so much more than just for the grade or for a certificate. He helped me appreciate German culture and mindset, and his teaching styles made it such that his classes were always challenging but just the right balance between tough and doable. He never gave up on anyone of us especially those of us who were weaker and could not really help ourselves, he would tell us to come up with strategies and he never turned a blind eye to anyone who requested help. His pep talks about life and the lessons that we were to take away from it were also very applicable and I really appreciated them. I remember going up to him to tell him that I was finding difficulties with certain components and I reached a point where I really doubted my capability in the module. He told me frankly that there are certain study methods that fit certain people and others that do not and that it is never a one size fits all thing. He also said that passion for the language is what he really appreciates and wants to see, and maybe that could mean you love what you do even though you may not be fantastic at it. I think these little things that he does really makes people appreciate his lessons. He never hesitates to make his lessons interesting through role playing and it is also taught very practically as some of the assignments are video filming based on real life situations, eg, seeing the doctor, ordering food, etc. All in all, it was a great experience taking German 1 and 2 under him. This is Prof Chan Wai Meng (who will be on sabbatical leave next semester.)

okay now to the technical stuff

Overall comments:
German 1 is that intro module and German 2 is the continuation of it. If you have the UEs to spare, it is wise to do both because German 1 and 2 together makes up one proficiency cert. German 2 isn’t really harder than level1, just that it is easier now (slightly) because you’re already used to the language and it ain’t so foreign now. Bonus points if you can take it with the same batch of people you took German 1 with, that would be fun.
German 2 is more in depth and you learn modal verbs, imperatives, adjective endings, places, directions, etc with topics on fashion, healthcare, exercise, holidays, occupations etc.

Workload –
well, don’t say you haven’t been warned. Consistent hard work required. 3 video assignments, 2 semester tests, homework every lesson, 3 vocab tests, other small assignments here and there… the list goes on. Plus if you aren’t very good in it, you’ll definitely have to put in more work.

Midterms was 1 semester test.

Final exam was the second semester test in week 13.

Final grade:

(rating on Esther’s scale)
Is it worth doing this module: 8/10


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