Week 13 // Satisfied

Tonight I return home a satisfied being. Thinking about and consolidating the many lessons God taught me and the blessings so greatly showered on me, I am in awe as I realized just how much has transpired this semester. We went through roots, fruits and flowers and though I listed two roots of the holy and wonderful attributed of God, I know there are many more deeper ones I have yet to put into words. Indeed, He is sovereign, all knowing and holy but also compassionate, forgiving and loving. As I thought on these things I realized how throughout the semester there were many times where through my events and daily happenings He was not in the picture and was barely a passing thought. I feel sad at that realization and this is something I really wanna work on next Sem. But I thought about it and I figured that it’s one thing to actively try and have God as a part of my daily activities it is another thing to truly live it. I suppose the question here is whether it is by my own strength or by His. Often time I rely on my own, I know. I pray God give me His life, in me, so I’d know experimentally what it is to live for Christ. 

As the week winds down I also started resting more and feeling less under the weather, having less demands of running around everywhere and there was much more time for myself to settle down and slowly be at home again with less deadlines. I’m thankful for peace and serenity, no matter how short it may be. 

Thank God for all things beautiful gifted to me by Him, through Christ. 


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