9 things I want to achieve before I leave university

You can call this a bucket list.

  1.  Conquer my fear of dancing. This has been a long standing fear. I’ve performed as part of a choral ensemble before but I have never danced on stage before. At the same time, I’ve always dreamed of being able to move up there, freely, I’ve choreographed sequences in my mind but I never had the chance or guts to sign up for classes or anything like that. So, in the next 3 years, that’s something I want to do before I leave university. Whatever kind of dance it may be, I wanna try it.
  2. I wanna take part in a fighting CCA. Boxing, Muay Thai, whatever it is. I wanna try my hand at combat and see if I’m any good. Maybe I’ll fail on footwork but that’s not the point.
  3.  wanna be able to speak and understand a third language, I want to be conversationally proficient at the minimum. Technically I have sort of achieved a bit of this already, having taken German 1/2…and maybe on the way to German 3. But I really want to be able to speak and understand it, even more so because it’s useful y’know, like I can watch football with it..HAHAHA. But yes, I really wanna be proficient in a third language.
  4. Care for a group of juniors like my own kids. I got this annoying motherly instinct that deserves some attention and some people to look after. No matter where these kids come from, I do want to have a group of kids to take care of, to love like my own, to extend that depths of my heart to them. In this wise I really hope God allows me to find a group of juniors that I really can love in this way. I do know I have a heart that’s bursting with love and care and sometimes it gets overwhelmed by all thats going around in the world. That leads me to my next point
  5. I wanna be part of a CIP that’s really meaningful. I wanna do something for the community at large, preferably something that can be a two edged sword, to both show love to people and also to save the environment. Recently I bumped into a Facebook video that spoke about this lady’s venture on repeatroses.com where she recycled roses from weddings and she recycled them and gave them to the homes and orphanages, I saw elderly people’s faces light up with gratitude and joy. I wanna do something like that. I’m tired of this chase where everything is in dollars and cents and everything is money making and profit earning. Maybe the idealist in me speaks really loudly but I see that what the lady is doing both makes people smile and saves the environment and that’s wonderful and a really smart idea.
  6. I wanna do a module that is completely unrelated to anything I’m doing, from another faculty, like business or music or something like that, just for the experience. I’ll probably have to use an S/U on it but I wanna do that. To experience something uncomfortable, new, foreign and different is what I feel can teach me a lot about it, myself and the world. I never understood at first, why people always took GEMs that were from the same faculty/similar thinking that you already had because I felt the learning curve was much less steeper. Then as I completed one year in Uni, I realised that practicality and passion often were at a conflict and what you were good at, or at least better at, might not be what you want to do and vice versa. I love German, this is no secret, I love classes y’know, culture, everything. But that does not mean I’m good in the language academically. I mean, for example, I absolutely hate and cannot do vocab tests. I actually study the living daylights out of the book but I simply can’t memorize. So if I take German 3, I’m literally giving up a decent grade I may have scored on some other module because I wanna pursue a passion. Some people say it can be the same thing and yes I do not deny that but till the day I find that intersection, I’ll have to forego one or the other and the idealist in me will not let my dreams be chucked in a corner for a more practical move.
  7. I wanna do (more) water sports. I had this dream going for a while, when I joined NUS Canoe IVP but I dropped out because of unforeseen circumstances. I wrote more about it here. But I REALLY wanna play water sports again, I know yes I can’t swim but to me, water is freedom, home and comfort. I miss the feel of the canoe on my hands, so that day when we stand up paddled that was so good. If it be that I can’t really do a full time water sports CCA, at least I wanna go kayak more often/canoe/whatever.
  8. I need to lift 2-3 plates before I can graduate. Yes hear this from an aspiring powerlifter. Bad training schedules, annoying diets etc, mad classes, no time to sleep, no time to this and that and everything BUT I want to achieve that. It’s all down to the discipline and I remembered that the first time I hit a 90kg deadlift that was the PR back then and now still stands, I was on a week 12 mad schedule. Yes it can be done, if you put your heart, soul mind and everything you’ve got. God helps those who help themselves so post the summer holidays Imma start lifting again on proper diets and schedules and prayerfully this goal shall be achieved okay yes.
  9. I shall learn to trust God in times when nothing goes right. It’s easy to say oh I trust God whenever everything goes fine and when life is amazing and wonderful and you have everything going well for you. It’s another thing to trust Him when things go bad and when there’s no light at the end of the tunnel. I wanna be able to say that despite it all I knew He was there with me in the fire and water and in the heartbreaks. I know I cannot say that yet but I really wanna be able to, by the time I graduate, so that God isn’t just someone I talk about and maybe even tell people about but the God I know Who holds my hand and brings me through this journey.



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