I can’t help feel annoyed and terrified that my grades for Sem 2 are gonna roll in soon. Truth be told, I enjoyed the collection of modules I took this semester, however the grades are a whole different issue. I suppose I fall under that zone where you’re kinda average at whatever you chose to do but you absolutely love it. I love what I did, the skills and insights I received and picked up along the course of the semester, I wouldn’t trade them for anything else. But at the end of the day, what’s shown on your CAP/GPA is what really counts right? I’m so frustrated, honestly. I’ve been someone who swore to myself that I wouldn’t allow the idea of not so fantastic grades to deter me from choosing mods based on my interest and especially fully knowing the horror of some bell curves. I told myself I’ll follow my passions and my dreams and I’ll do things because I believe in it. But what happens when reality hits and when it slaps you in the face and compells you to come down from your high tower of idealism. What then am I supposed to do about it? I can’t find a balance yet…am I supposed to find a balance? The first Sem gave us free S/U options but I gotta say Sem 2 was when I really threw myself into doing the modules which I believed I’d be interested in. Do I really have to sacrifice my interests for grades? Honestly it’s not as though if I took some other modules I’d be so dead sure I’d score better. But then maybe it won’t be as volatile as these mods bell curves.?? I don’t know, I really can’t wrap my head around it. I admire some people who really can say passion > grades. I could…until I realized the possibility that I had to choose between German 3 and a bad grade next Sem. It’s not so much about working hard I know because I do that, I can guiltlessly and shamelessly (if you will), say that I worked hard, super darn hard, but no, it’s kinda about aptitude here. I’m no language person, but German 1 and 2 made me fall in love (deeper) with the culture, language, mindset, football and more. But for that one number – the CAP – I’m gonna have to reconsider that choice. It hurts.


Im a literature major and I am so damn sick of people asking me what I want to do in the future and cutting me off in the middle of the sentence and asking if I’m, already part of MOE, gonna teach English, etc. I’m also sick of people assuming I like Shakespeare and that I can write. You may say oh those are the stereotypes but let me rant. I hate it I absolutely hate it. What’s worse is they tell me that I should take something more practical and question if I have a future because I clearly did not choose to take a more potentially helpful business or engineering degree which y’know lead to better job prospects in the future BLAH BLAH BLAH. No it is sickening to hear that will society learn to cut it out already. Stop. Number 1; people teach because they love it not because they took an arts degree and majored in literature and had no freaking where to go but MOE. Allow me to sing the glories of my major. It is a foundational degree (arts) to begin with and it provides thinking and expressing skills which proves extremely useful to anyone NOT JUST FOR JOB PROSPECTS but for life in general. Secondly literature is beautiful because it provides contexts and backgrounds for the things you express and read about so you get to appreciate the larger picture, the reason behind certain things, you appreciate the sociological, political, historical and geographical perspectives of life and the world. Need I say more? Yes? Okay how about it engages your heart, your emotions, your ‘feels’, it makes you associate with characters, it allows you to think the way they do and walk miles in their shoes, maybe walk through colonial periods, wars and famines with them. You struggle with them and see them make decisions that hurt, you love with them and in the end you are annoyed when they’re killed so simply by the stroke of an author’s pen. It’s almost disgusting how people have the guts to say in my face, ‘literature ah, just read only right?’ Oh how I wish I could slap them. Ugh. Smh.

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One thought on “Rants-

  1. What an excellent post. I certainly agree with you on both counts.

    (It’s still Yr 1 Sem 1 for me, and I’m already in a quandary. Do I pick modules I’m highly passionate about or modules that are purportedly manageable (they still have to interest me though)? Well, I’ll see how life goes.)


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