An Encouraging Sight 

An Encouraging Sight 

So it’s been not once but twice that I’ve seen this and I’m vaguely encouraged and quite happy to see it. 

Parents in the train are often on their iPads or iPhones, leaving their children to their own devices. Yes pun intended. But then I saw a dad and his two sons on a certain train ride I took toward Marina Bay. It warmed my heart. The dad was holding a newspaper and talking to his children about education, mind you his elder son was about 10 (I think) and the younger maybe 8, and he was telling his children about the job market and now it’s harder to get jobs nowadays. Then he goes on to talk about politics and introduce Trump to his son which I laughed quietly at. Then out of nowhere the son asks, daddy what happens if I cannot get a job. I was impressed that he would think in such a way, but then I was more impressed when the dad answered. He said something along the lines of – don’t think so much about that first, study and enjoy it first, later on when you need to think about jobs and work, daddy will help you okay? Enjoy what you do! Just then, the mom sitting opposite adds on, she said that he should join CCAs, learn from it, then the son cheekily replies, “mommy you’re also from Girls Brigade right, *hehehe*, you can teach me marching steps!” Then he picks up the newspaper and reads on and goes on to ask his dad what ‘financial’ and ‘crisis’ mean. I’m happy and satisfied to see a kid not just not on his iPad/iPhone but also reading the news and discussing it with his parents. I’m so pleased. 

Just today, I sorta see something similar and it’s a dad teaching his two girls science. As the train along the North-South Line, we pass the Lower Seletar Reservoir and the dad explains what water catchment is and then the girl asks, daddy can you sing the puddles song again? The dad then softly sings, a cute, jump-in-the-puddles-jump-jump song to them and they join. I’m so impressed. It’s so adorable a sight and so pleasing. Then they actually need to get off at the next stop and the dad tells his girls – say excuse me please – and I’m like yes that’s it that’s good manners right there YES. 


(Picture not mine, credits to creator) 


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