End of a season

Reflecting on football season 2015/16, it has been quite a ride. I think when I started Uni, I lost interest gradually and enthusiasm for the game. I’d like to really thank those bros and friends who have actually kept my interest alive for the game despite all the workload that piled itself on me, (besides those that I piled on for myself yay).

Football for me, well, growing up, was a whole host of drama, feels, maybe not so little fangirl moments, I ended up making friends back again with the people I used to argue with on petty little issues that our 15 year old brains could not piece together. Well, mine at least. I’ve been in this football world for decently long, since 2004 Euros… then 2006 WC in Germany, 2008 Euros, 2010 WC, 2012 Euros, 2014 WC (woohoo), and the countless Champions Leagues and Bundesliga. Well I didn’t say EPL because apart from watching Arsenal play (sometimes), I couldn’t careless, really.

I remember those times when Bayern played under Heynckes and we were kinda guaranteed wins for every single match we played, it was more of how many goals would we score, and at one point we were averaging 5 a game. It was pretty sick I gotta admit, and then oh hell struck when Pep came in. I’ve been very ambivalent of Pep ever since he came in, I’m not even sure, I mean I didn’t like a couple of the things he did. Beginning with changing our attacking play to a passing tikitaka style. I really hated it to be honest. Heynckes’ strategies were more like attack at all costs and kill them rip them up and Guardiola waits for the purrrrfect opportunity to score. Against teams like Atletico, we saw that strategy unravel especially because they played counterattacks somewhat similarly to how we used to play.

Anyway grudges aside, it’s time for a changeover and Guardiola’s going. Well Bayern played okay in the league (I mean okay because you know if you don’t get a minimum of a double, anything short of that, well that’s rather trashy, #elites), and we got the Pokal last night after a gruelling 120 minutes with Manu proving himself to be a god.

But wait a minute! How can you end a blogpost without saying something about the amazing, legendary underdogs Leicester City who through grit, determination and teamwork, fueled by mastermind Claudio Ranieri have overcome all odds and defied naysayers to win the EPL. This was wonderfully heartwarming.  I watched their title celebrations the other day and sorta teared. This video was really nice, picked it up from facebook.

So, to end off a football season packed with wonder, I gotta say, I’m really looking forward to see the UCL 2017 where the Pots will be in order of League positions and I wanna see Leicester play. I don’t know what to expect but I sure as heck am excited. Meanwhile, Euro 2016 is beginning and here we goooo!!

// P.S.

These need to be shown. Just because. dfbpokal2016buli2016


2 thoughts on “End of a season

  1. I liked your article.The Leicester story just shows that dreams to come true if you work hard at it.Can’t wait for the Euros,football just never ends.Do you think Pep leaves Bayern better than he found it.


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