FASS helpline/random facts (cohort 16/17)

FASS helpline/random facts (cohort 16/17)

  • Faculty graduation requirements – you have to take 2 WEC (Writing, Expression, Communication) modules, and 3 level-1000 exposure modules

–> that means you must take one module from each basket – one from Social Science (Econs, Pol Sci, etc.) , one from Arts (Literature, History, etc.), one from Asian Studies (Chinese/Jap/South Asian Studies etc.)

–> AND, you must take FAS1101 Writing Academically: Arts and Social Sciences and FAS1102 Public Writing and Communication. (You can also take any Freshman Seminar modules (coded FMA(XXXX)) to fulfil the FAS1101 requirement. THESE MODS FAS1101 and FAS1102 will be allocated to you 

  • Major requirements: 4 years course for honours, 3 years for a degree (without honours)
  • 60 MCs MAXIMUM worth of level 1000 modules can be counted into your grad requirements, that’s 15 modules in total.
  • Mods titled FMA(XXXX) are counted as UEs (Unrestricted Electives)
  • If you stay in Residential Colleges, your set of GEMs will be different, check with your RC for more details
  • there are 5 GEM (General Education Modules) pillars – GET, GES, GEQ, GER, GEH. Take ONE module per pillar to complete faculty requirements. Check here for more

If you have any unanswered questions and you need help I can be reached at esthery@u.nus.edu where I can direct you to a senior who may be able to assist you. 






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