8 Struggles of ‘Plannerholics’

  1. We need to plan, just about everything. School timetables, work timetables, what time we leave the home and what time we leave school/office/wherever we are going. Every activity is planned, not just listed, but scheduled to the very last minute. People don’t get why there’s a need for us to schedule things to the exact minute, they’ll be like ‘just 10pm onwards’ but for us, onwards is what makes us insecure.
  2. We own and have tried and do collect planners (Yearly, Monthly, Weekly, Daily), complete with stickers, little smileys and animal stickers, and we have enormous stacks of post-its everywhere. blog6.jpgIt’s not just hard copy, it’s soft copy too – Calendars, iCalendars, Fantastical 2, Sunrise, Google Calendar, we’ve tried all, even biting our lips wondering if $59.99 is a decent or worth amount to spend on a Desktop Calendar. Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 16.35.43We scout the internet for online shops selling diaries and 4-5 months before the year ends, we start looking for the next year’s planner.
  3. We don’t understand how people work/function without ToDo Lists. To us, those are essentials for life and survival in this rat race. Every single thing we do, goes on it, from meetings to a note to ‘wash the clothes’ or ‘buy chicken home for mom’. And should we actually forget anything, it is because it was not on the list. (There are  old lists scrawled on paper lying everywhere around the house…) Also, we love the feeling of taking a pen/marker and crossing out done items. It is so satisfying to do so. blog4.jpg
  4. Planning ahead. Our definition of ahead can range from years to months before. We plan our holidays down to the days and events 1 month before the holidays even begin, during school term, trips and vacations are on the calendar 6 months beforehand (partly because flights booked are cheaper anyway so yay). Class timetables are planned together with everything else that is in the day, extra activities, sports and workout days, chill days, all during the summer break. We don’t understand why people haven’t finalized their timetables, “it’s two weeks to school starting, bro!”
  5. Many of us study ahead of time, we start reading before the semester starts, finding books before classes even are close to beginning, our motto – it is easier and more comfortable to be ahead than to play catch up. ‘Last minute’ is never an answer and never a phrase found in our dictionary. We’re obsessed about being and staying and doing things on time. blog3.jpg
  6. We get absolutely frustrated when there’s a lot of things we want to do and we schedule them BUT THEY ALL CLASH. WHY DO THEY ALL CLASH????? Then we get annoyed, clear the timetable and restart, we could spend hours on this. Trust me, we can and we will. Sobs.
  7. We possess a love hate relationship with cancelled plans. On one hand, we get incredibly frustrated when we realised that the slot for whatever was cancelled could have been put to some good use. On the other hand, that two hours, shall be used to sleep.
  8. We plan so much, it exhausts us. Also when there’s something urgent that happens and it messes up our timetable, we groan internally. We hate people who think they can just create last minute plans with us, and we absolutely detest it. Who gave you the right to step all over our carefully and well thought out detailed schedule. Messing up one plan affects 3 other consecutive ones, so, NO last minute stuff.
  9. Tumblr is full of studyblrs and planners and people share their templates and there can never, never, never be enough of them.


(all photo credits to pinterest and tumblr. none of my own)

Update as of 5 August: I ended up printing my entire academic calendar for AY16/17 Sem 1. Credits to all the amazing people on tumblr especially hexaneandheels.tumblr.com and theorganised student.tumblr.com I now have an entire diary exactly how I want it to look like. It’s really nice because printing out all these printables makes your diary much more yours. (I mean as compared to actually going to buy one)

Here’s some pictures



3 thoughts on “8 Struggles of ‘Plannerholics’

  1. Wow, those struggles are really fitting.
    Book Haven at UTown sells planners that you might like. ^_^ There are daily, weekly, and monthly planners. The daily one is priced at $11.55 without student discount, and I’m really excited to use it next sem. xD


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