Just a check in :D

Just a check in :D

Just a check in;

Sleeping enough? Maybe not, could be improved. But for what it’s worth, I’m doing okay!

Eating enough? It’s getting back on track, on the road to getting back those gains.

Exercising enough? Yep, got back on schedule and started hitting the gym once more, body’s responding well, sore and happy days are in the offing!

Studying alright? Pretty much. It’s tough to keep up with readings but it’s quite a ride! Hoping for grace and more grace to grab those gold nuggets of knowledge (I think I’m half high)

Everything else? Church time’s okay. Could really give more though, I wanna go back to weekly gospel sharing sessions too bad it’s taken up by other things. Interviews are crowding the schedule so once I’ve cleared that, a lot of things should settle down.

Other notes: social battery percentage is about 70%, not too bad. Football season has started yay! Studyblr’s back in the zone, Cornell note taking has changed the way I study, which is a really good thing. (Why didn’t I discover this earlier?!?) 

I’m good, and thankful, it’s been 2 mad weeks but I’m alive and happy. 


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