Some nights you feel suffocated, you feel overwhelmed by the weight of the world, you feel like you cannot do it anymore, you feel choked because there are too many things going on and you want to run away from it all. You have so many deadlines and you have no idea what to do with all of them so you just try and run away, but even when you run away, some things just stay in your head, the monsters under the bed that bite at you when you try and close your eyes and sleep. You cannot understand why you feel this way. Try and fight the pain but it comes back, in full force. The tears come rushing in spurts because you don’t know how to fight it anymore, you fight battles every day, in every place you go, at home, at school, with others because you care about them, and above all, in your head, your heart. the battle rages on fierce and doesn’t seem to let you go, it grips you, like tentacles, clawing at the very edges of your sanity. Try as you may, it’s not going to let you go. Through all this you want to scream, it reaches the point where you cannot even breathe because you just want to give up. God, please help. and if the pain is not taken away in Your will, please give me strength, sanity and grace upon grace. I trust You, God.


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