EN3245: Feminism: Text and Theory

Taken in:
AY16/17 Semester 1

Prof Chitra Sankaran/Prof Er Yanbing

What the module is about, briefly:
The title of the module is self-explanatory. It feels like feminism 1101 except that you have to do 3k level readings and workload. It introduces one to the theories and concepts in the varied aspects of feminism. You get to choose what you would like to write on for finals – you create your own discussion topic, essentially.

Long(er) texts:
The Handmaid’s Tale
The Bloody Chamber

Short texts:
The Blank Page
The Yellow Wallpaper
No Name Woman
Sultana’s Dream


It’s a fair bit of work, but you can help yourself by spreading out the workload over the semester, so you do this by assigning the projects/group work/reading analysis in the roster to different weeks. So you don’t pack all in week 10 unless you wish to do it all at one go which is, not very recommended in my opinion. Other than that, weekly readings are not compulsory but they do supplement the lecture, although trying to keep up with the texts alone might be already tough for some

Thoughts about the profs/tutors:
Prof Chitra is pretty interesting and her lectures are engaging. She’s extremely helpful and friendly too, she will teach you how to write (if you’re looking for that). Prof Er gave 2-3 lectures, she’s into her niche area quite a bit but willing to help and discuss ideas too.

Form groups of 3-5 and present on any given theme in the module, you can roster your presentations so you can choose from week 3-11. My group picked fairytales and it was interesting. It’s only 10% though.

Format of assessment:
Critical Analysis of one reading + application to a text of your choice – 10%
Student Group presentation on a particular topic – 10%
Midterm Test (random feminism facts + two short essays) – 10%
Term Paper Proposal – 10%
Final Essay – 20%
Finals (open book) – 30%
Class + forum participation – 10%

Yes. It is good in dispelling myths and misconceptions that you may have toward feminism. It also explains the philosophical, sociological and literary thought with regard to this topic and understanding it from an academic perspective is a whole different experience.

Exam format:
Midterms had factual questions in it. I didn’t expect that, along with many of my friends. Finals was 2 essays from two sections, one comparison text and the other single text/film.

Overall rating (/10):


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